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Sixteen V food and beverage products is the largest conglomerate in the nation. Among the spacious and growing strategic business units of the giant, Sixteen v Food & Beverage Industries Ltd., and Sixteen V Multi Food Products Ltd. are two esteemed companies constantly delivering safe, nutritious, and quality offerings for the wellbeing of the people to ensure a healthy nation.

About Sixteen V:

Sixteen v food and beverage products is thriving to meet the growing demand of individuals with quality food items since its commencement in 2009. The entire production setup of the company is stationed at Pangaon, keranigonj in the capital city Dhaka to ensure easy access of transportation and distribution smoothness. Along with its business perspective, the company has its ethically supported responsibility to provide people with nourishment, healthy options, and the best quality food products. According to that, so far, the entity has set its footprints in a myriad of food categories and has been gained appreciation from the huge customer base.  ATTA, Maida, Shuji, Noodles, Pasta, Macaroni, Semai, Puffed Rice, Spice, Sauce, Toggi Chips, Crackers, Poppers are some of the popular offerings, the company distributing nationwide with strong channels.

Sixteen v  ATTA, holding the highest market share has already become the most preferred brand of this category due to its high standard product quality and smooth distribution network. In line with this Sixteen v Maida and Suji also up in the race of customer preference. Sixteen v ATTA, Whole wheat ATTA, Brown ATTA, Sixteen v Maida, Suji are available in the market in different convenient SKUs ranging from 250 grams to 10 KG. The success of this is backed up by the best quality of wheat with maximum nutrition value, state of art production facilities, and dedicated human resources to maintain the standard quality. Apart from the Sixteen v ATTA brand, we have another brand CENTURY offering ATTA targeting low-income customers. Considering the ever-increasing demand, the factory is now improving its capacity towards optimal excellence

Sixteen v Noodles-another product line of the esteemed company has already been launched with different variants and SKUs to meet the tastes and convenience of the market. Due to the continuation of its business morale and urge to provide the market with quality food options the company also observing success in this endeavor. Under the Instant Noodles subcategory, masala flavor is the most popular one with various pack sizes ranging from 4-pack to 16-pack. Stick Noodles comes in Egg, Masala, Curry, Egg & Chicken, Chicken Tandoori flavors. Likewise, Panda Noodles is the commercial variant that provides the taste of Authentic Chinese Noodles; is distributed in 300 gm SKU. The observant attitude to pick up the best quality raw materials, seasoning, and cutting-edge production solutions operated by the diligent workforce together activated the success story along the way in this journey.

Sixteen v Pasta & Macaroni are the two growing brands of Sixteen v, which have so far gained satisfactory market response among people. Sixteen v Pasta made with high-quality semolina is the only paste made in this country competing with other imported pasta. Sixteen v Pasta comes in shapes called Seashell, tube, and Twist in 200gm and 500gm pack sizes. Sixteen v Macaroni is available in the market in Screw, Bamboo, and Oyster variants, and these variants can be found in 100 gm and 400 gm pack sizes. Sixteen v Semai one of the traditionally connected brand which has a substantial demand in the market. On special occasions such as Eid and other significant days, especially for serving guests, the demand for this item mounts to its highest. Sixteen v Semai manufacturing is done following the long heredity of traditional semai making by the people of this county, keeping all its aesthetical and cultural values intact and meeting all hygiene and safety concerns. Sixteen v Semai is available in the market in Vermicelli and Lachsa form, and both the variants are distributed in 200 gm SKU.

Sixteen v Puffed Rice has been introduced in the market in 2020. Besides having a significant demand in out-of-border markets, Puffed rice is consumed in many parts of the country regularly, and in some particular time such as in Ramadan, the demand for this is usually skyrocketed. Made without mixing any harmful chemicals like urea, Sixteen v Puffed Rice providing healthy and crispy puffed rice since its inception. Sixteen v Puffed Rice is available in the market in 250 gm and 500 gm SKUs.

Toggi Crackers, Poppers, and other variety of chips are serving the market with their regular offerings and planning to enrich its product basket of this highly impulsive category. The majority of the end-users of this product class are youngsters so the company takes special care and goes an extra mile to ensure safe and tasty options for this sensitive TG. Toggi branded Chips, crackers, and poppers distributed in different flavors and shapes; Poppers Pure Vanilla, spicy cheese, Heart Shaped, Toggi Crispy Crackers masala, Potato Crackers are included in this category ranging from 12 gm to 20 gm pack sizes.

Sixteen v Sauce another new brand with its business aims to lead the market started its journey with hot tomato flavored sauce into sachets bottled, and plastic Jar form available in 10 gm, 340 gm, 1000 gm, and 3000 gm SKUs. The response for this category is no different from the other preceding brands of Sixteen v , which lead the brand to introduce other variants of this category in near future.

Sixteen v Spice offers the goodness of nature within its spice packs for the food-loving people of the nation. Selected & trained farmers, fully automated machines, high-end technological adoption, and last but not least carefully selected raw materials to provide the consumers nothing but the natural taste and health benefits. The brand initially steps into the market with Chili, turmeric, Cumin, and Coriander spices, all the variants available in 15 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm, 200gm, 1000gm SKUs. Soon it will enrich its range with new ready-mix variants.

Sixteen v Fortified Soybean Oil surely one of the most growing brands of this entity gained customers’ trust and immense appreciation within a very short time after its commercialization. Best quality, nutrient-enriched product features are at the core of this brand that made it a trusted solution of cooking oil for the majority of households. Products of the brand are now available in different SKUs of PET bottles and Pouch Pack. The category will soon increase its capacity, and also set its own seed crushing unit for massive production considering the ever-increasing market demand.

Sixteen v Maharaja Super Fine Fortified Palm Olein a convenient and reasonable edible oil option for frying and cooking is available in the market in convenient 1 litter Pouch Pack form. This brand is undeniably one of the healthy choices in any cooking arrangement for mass consumers.

Sixteen v Ready Ruti- the only full fiber Ruti of the country, a healthy food solution especially for breakfast and quick meals, has already been introduced in the market. The increasing workload, responsibility, commitments in life makes it difficult for the majority of people to ensure proper balance in diet and nutrients intake. And to meet that nutrition and proper food demand 3 pcs, 5pcs, and 10 pcs Sixteen v Ready Ruti SKUs are convenient and trustworthy options to provide individuals relief in their tiring life.


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